Shield Satchel on Yanko Design

This project predates Design for Protest, providing much of the research that excluded physical protection as a criteria for the latter project. I had the pleasure of being featured on Yanko Design earlier this week and thought I'd shed some more light on this piece.


 Exploring the design opportunities in the moment of violent dispersal tactics, the Shield Satchel is a discreetly disobedient object that allows for immediate deployment when a situation arises, providing instant protection against initial injury. It is the consumer goods response to state sanctioned riot gear. The average Sunday protester is a character profile that is becoming more common as social action becomes increasingly normalized, representing a growing market that needs to find ways to protect themselves against common painful dispersal methods – batons, mace, and water.

Designed with polycarbonate of the same caliber of durability as state-issued riot gear, Shield Satchel is a product that comes ‘pre-hacked’ as an alternative to re-appropriating quotidian objects. Instead, it is a discreetly disobedient object on the outside, designed for instant deployment if a situation arises.

You can find the article on Yanko Design here, in an article called Design for Defense.